Monthly Archives: June 2022

  • Bring a Trailer runs a great scoop with Kobus’s “Baby Beast”

    We have been admirating the way Bring a Trailer manages to engage with their fans and friends – aside, of course, from having developed and launched an auction product that not only created a brand-new market but has also gained so much steam since that one has to wonder if and when its stunning growth …

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  • The Vernasca Silver Flag keeps getting better (if that’s even possible)….

    Back to its regular programming in June, audiences have once again gathered to celebrate everything motorized in Piacenza (between Milan and Parma, for reference), for that for the Vernasca Silver Flag. This was in keeping  with a long-established tradition, while, at the same time, staying nicely under the radar so that the gathering still has …

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  • Our friends from Hagerty do it again – in Greenwich this time!

    In another classic case of “success breeds success”, our friends at Hagerty have demonstrated once again their knack for putting together events that people love. Not only that, but these turn out to be true magnets not just for afficionados but also for new comers to the (dare we call it that) hobby – if …

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