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was born in Argentina in the 1930’s as a classic gentlemen’s outfitter. M.S. Rudmann‘s founder was completely enamored with motorsports and supported race drivers and racing teams at every opportunity.

It was natural that he would support the foray of the of the National team — —-The Armada in Europe and the World. It was led by the greatest race driver of all time by Juan Manuel Fangio.


The collaboration of the” first made to race’ outfits and the incredible success of the Armada with countless victories at the track and the intensity off the track made the uniforms a badge of honor among racers of the 1950’s and 1960’s—The Right Stuff.


Alas disappeared from the track in 1967! It has now been proudly  resurrected, building on its unique legacy founded on heroism , friendship and constantly pushing the limits of whats possible.

Your team recreates iconic clothing using a rich mix of historic designs, premium materials and exacting quality and well-researched details to bring you back to what it means to live


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T:  (+852) 9190 6064
M: vim@suixtil.com

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Our Team

  • AU- AMB

    Andreas Mohringer

    Ambassador Austria

    Global collector, avuncular advisor
  • _DSC4099

    Vincent Metais

    Founder & CEO

  • US-AMB2

    Dave Nicholas

    Ambassador - USA

    Original BARC Boy, racer and all-around car fanatic
  • NL-AMB-V2

    Robbert Moree

    Ambassador - The Netherlands

    Talented photographer, car collector and so much more...

    Martin Sucari

    Ambassador Argentina

    Global collector, passo corto guru, vintage racer
  • UK-AMB

    Mick Walsh

    Ambassador UK

    Celebrated writer, global taste maker, great friend
  • DE AMB

    Günter Biener

    Ambassador - Germany

    Avid photographer, Baby Doll (of the Morgan variety) specialist, car collector....
  • BE-AMB

    Stoffel Mulier

    Ambassador - Belgium

    Ockelbo owner, Volvo collector,  all-around petrolhead
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