Keeping with our roots, Suixtil undertakes to support teams running at classic car events. The key driver of our decision making process lies of course in the relationship we are able to build with prospective teams and are articulated around:

  • A shared passion for the rich Heritage that motorsports had already left us,
  • Participations at events and engagement with vehicles that are “period correct” with Suixtil legacy
  • A high-degree of octane flowing in the bloodstream at all times.

While our resources are limited, our enthusiasm is boundless and we certainly will commit to exerting our energy to garner as much visibility and related support as we possibly can muster and share the news of our partnership with all our media partners and related parties. We believe that in the very small community of true fans we inhabit, it is important to establish principles we can all be happy with. We do not draw long agreements, we do not value paperwork as much as a frank handshake and to sum it all up, believe our principles are best captured in our tagline - at life speed! If you want to share your racing experiences with us and find ways we could collaborate, please do not hesitate to contact us for a direct discussion.

For the most recent updates of Suixtil Motorsport, please visit our Photo/Video Gallery where you will find many pictures of classic car EVENTS and pictures of our passionate clients under Suixtil MOMENTS.