The Belle Vue 50s’ goggles – Brown & Black


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Faithfully recreated from historic models, the BelleVue ’50s goggles are, once again, the very embodiment of the Suixtil credo as they impeccably combine historic relevance, luxurious materials, careful manufacturing, comfort and style. They also pack some unique features that you will love to discover and showcase.

These BelleVue ’50s goggles have been handcrafted with pride in Argentina and are available in brown and black leather with 7mm stainless steel accessories  and frame that have been crafted in the heat of the furnace. The 2-tone leather gives both a very unique look and, because the black inner leather is less prone to staining, a more durable functionality.

The full-grain leather paddings that supports each of the metal frames (and shield the wearer) are fashioned from the finest and softest cow’s leather while a comfortable elastic strap, 30mm wide, links the frame of the goggles together.

The lenses are cut from clear acrylic (an updated version of Perspex) and are 2mm thick but, best of all, they are beveled just as they were back in the ’50s (as you can see for yourself in that glorious shot of Fangio himself that we call “the Pledge” – for example).

The BelleVue ’50s goggles are delivered in a very soft suede pouch, in which they can be conveniently folded and that has been nicely branded with a copper logo plate and stamped with their name.


Important note

This equipment is a piece of memorabilia. It is NOT safety-rated to today’s standards and, as such, should never be used in the practice of competitive motorsports or any other dangerous sport or game, whether alternate specific equipment is recommended or not. We do not accept any responsibility, including consequential, for any incident or accident, injury or death that may arise from the improper use of this equipment.

  1. Jeff

    Both the helmet and goggles arrived yesterday. What can I say……….Your service is exemplary and the quality is unbelievable. HJ and EO could take lessons from Suixtil! Thank you for your timely follow ups and your obvious passion for vintage Motorsport. Suixtil is more than a product, it’s a wonderful resource.

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