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Have you heard? The Suixtil Fix is in! One tool to do it all, and do it in magnificent style.

Whether that’s measuring & tightening/undoing nuts of 11 different common sizes (from 2 to 12mm) to screwing to opening your can or capped bottles, the Suixtil Fix does it all. We set the best minds on it and they stopped, exhausted, after counting millions of uses, admiring of the incredible marriage (once again) of form and function – at life speed!

And to be sure you do not damage your pockets, we also thought about crafting a soft suede pocket to keep such a great tool in. Best of all (again!) – it can also conveniently hold your business cards too – how thoughtful!

Technically, we could bore you to death with the Suixtil Fix’ incredible qualities – a laser-cut 1.5mm slab of hardened stainless steel of the AISI 420 variety that’s been subjected to a martensitic treatment for further resistance (the Suixtil Fix scores a brilliant 74HRB in hardness after all) and comes in a mirror-finish polished silver surface.

Another great realization from our Argentinean atelier and Mauricio can be complimented on such an elegant solution to a perennial problem.

What will you use the Suixtil Fix for? We can’t wait for you to tell us or, better even, send us pictures, now that’ll be cool.

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