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  • Meanwhile, in Australia….

    And yes, the season is truly back – though this might be the winding down for our Australian friends – then again, what a ways to go: a 4 days rally through the back roads of Victoria culminating (after all sorts of gastronomic, track times and assorted libations as only our cousins Down Under – …

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  • The Targa Classica – a splendid 4-days adventure Down Under

    Taking their inspiration from classic European events, the organizers of that great Australian party certainly have brought together many of the best attributes that make these successful – from a well thought-off itinerary through the popular Yarra Valley to multiple regularity challenges, track time (of course) and superlative food (and drinks, why not?) stops in …

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  • It’s time to add a little Benzina to your blood!

    We are thrilled to have discovered, thanks to James Nicholls, our friend and Australian Ambassador, that adding a little Benzina to your diet – maybe just 4 times a year – at least to start with a subscription, or more often if you’re going with the slightly diluted content made available through their social media …

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  • The 3rd edition of the AXA Sydney Harbour Concours d’Elegance was just held!

    James, our friend (and Australian Ambassador), has just done it again! While the entire world goes mad and runs around like headless chickens, he keeps calm and collected and (thanks also to an environment Down-Under where the pandemic has been masterfully contained) organized a Concours d’Elegance that would be the envy of the world by …

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  • Back on track Down Under – thanks to James!

    And continuing with a well-established tradition of ours (aiming to exceed your expectations, always) we’re thrilled to bring you two (or more) great news at once. First of all, and this was more of a formality than anything else, we’re delighted and very proud to announce that James Nicholls has accepted to become our Ambassador …

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