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  • The Amelia Concours – back for more!

    It has been a while, unfortunately, we had not attended the Amelia (as it is now called since Hagerty took over) and seen for ourselves the changes – and the things that stayed the same. We were very lucky that we took part in the Concours alongside with Christopher John, our latest resell partner based …

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  • The Greenwich Concours works great!

    There’s something to be said about the Greenwich Concours, in fact, there are many things to be said for it. Since our friends from Hagerty have taken it over, it has really come into its own while, at the same time, keeping that “approachable” quality that makes it so enjoyable. Yes, you’ll certainly see some …

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  • The Amelia – another year, another milestone!

    The Amelia is one of the highlights of the classic-car enthusiast’ year, with so many happenings that it is quite hard to just keep-up. Lucky for those of you who could not make the trip, Mariano (he of Suixtil USA fame) managed the journey along with Kobus (the ice-drifter, no less) and – aside from …

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  • Race Week in Monterey – it’s so great to be back!

    The reasons were good and many but the reality is that there is simply no possible replacement for the pleasures supplied in inordinate volumes by a full dose of race-week on the Monterey peninsula. Picture this: the events, the cars, the friends, the racing, the auctions, the action, did we already mention the friends? In …

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  • The Amelia dazzles – and Mariano’s there to see it all!

    Yes, talk about turning a corner – the Amelia (as it is now known) has always occupied a special place in the calendar – of course, the Arizona auctions earlier in the year mark a great kick-off to the season, but it is with the Amelia that things really get started in earnest. It’s a …

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  • Amelia Island – Florida’s perfect attraction in March

    We had to do it – for you, escape the cold and drudgery of a winter’s tail-end and make it, like snowbirds, to Florida in March, But believe us, it wasn’t all that glamorous and just 5 days before the famed Concours d’Elegance put together by Bill Warner and his team the weathering was cold, …

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  • Monterey Race Week – Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance – the Grail has been found!

    We’ve been coming to this very special week on the Californian peninsula for maybe 10 years and exhibiting your brand there for as many.  It needs to be said – nothing comes even close to the Pebble Beach Concours, nothing. But before we get there: First, there’s Automobilia Monterey – a laser-focused event organized for …

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