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  • Labor Day at Lime Rock (and at life speed!)

    Fine traditions, that’s what we’re all about – along with a few other values. It was therefore quite a unique pleasure that Mariano, yes, he of Suixtil USA, was able (again) to both setup the Suixtil tent for friends and aficionado alike to come and trade stories, and get some track time too. In keeping …

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  • Cavallino Classic from the inside….

    While Mariano (and Julia – his wife – who keeps him somewhat in check) is now firmly in the distributor seat for the USA, he still had to honor some of the commitments he had made before taking on the Suixtil mantle (what a pun 😂). First on that list, oh yes, there will be …

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  • The Amelia Island Concours – what a great show!

    We got lucky – it had been a while – since our doctor’s orders cleared us, but just for the Amelia Island Concours we had registered for. So we rushed over and, after a road trip without much surprise or hiccups, found ourselves at the top-Eastern corner of the panhandle state in time for the …

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