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  • Members’ Meeting at Goodwood

    We are so very fortunate that we have many friends – some, like Robbert, who also happens to be our Dutch Ambassador, with such a talent at capturing the moments that matter most that one wonders why they need another job. Might it be  just so that they would not put us to complete shame …

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  • The drum-brake series is back – Silverstone first!

    Oh yes, we just love it – our friends Pia and Tony (yes, they of the Historic Racing Repertoire fame) are back with the series – you know the one: the drum brake series. It harks back to a gentler time of sportsmen and impossible cars that bore more than a passing resemblance with those …

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  • The “drum brake series” goes racing at Oulton Park – a dream come true

    And so it came to pass that the drum brake series we had introduced to you back in May just had their second outing – at Oulton Park – with your brand still associated with the whole exercise. Still held under the banner of the very kind banner of the HSCC, the most badly afflicted vintage …

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  • A brand new (ah!) racing series and your brand is associated with it – glorious we say!

    Count us lucky – or have we asked you for that favor before? We are so fortunate – having preached the Suixtil gospel for a while now, our friends Pia and Tony, yes them from the Historic Racing Repertoire, approached us with an offer we couldn’t refuse (no animal was armed in the process though): …

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