Historic Pictures

From the beginnings of professional racing and through its golden age: Suixtil… Whether because the clothing and gear was so well-suited (pardon the pun) to racing (it was, after all, designed and crafted for that very purpose) or because the Argentinean team (lead by none other than Fangio himself) who brought it to Europe was so successful with it at the races and showed such a thirst for living outside the track, we’ll never know now.


What remains though is that Suixtil was of all the races, be they F1 Grand Prix or the greatest Endurance challenges, seen on all the racers, with all the car brands around the entire world. In some ways, it became synonym with racing and all it represented – the bravery, the daring-do, the friendships, the “right stuff” and the effortless stylishness of that era – the invention of cool really.


Omnipresent while hiding in plain sight, Suixtil accompanied the greatest to their greatest triumphs before disappearing in 1967  . Back from extinction for over a decade, the Suixtil brand stands for the very same values  today as it did then – there are still no shortcut on a racetrack and only one way to do the right thing.


Enjoy the gallery of all those great moments from the past when heroes and men of true character raced achingly beautiful (if capricious) machines at impossible speeds – or, rather – at life speed!

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