The Origins


Since 2007, Suixtil has been recreating iconic clothing and accessories from the apex of motor racing history, tailoring it for the modern day.


Founded in Argentina in the 1930s, Suixtil racing uniforms were the first of their kind. The members of the national racing team, Escuderia Suixtil, were the first to sport the brand in the 1940s, led by the fabled Juan Manuel Fangio.


Suixtil would become the epitome of track day cool through the ‘50s and ‘60s, as more and more champions — Moss, Collins, Trips — donned the insignia with style.


Tragically, the brand disappeared as the 1960s came to a close, but it is now back  – at life speed!

Don Marimon

Born In The 1930’s

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JoBo 62

First Professional Racing Gear


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Stoffel & the Ockelbo

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