Road Rat #12

The Road Rat fans are in luck!

and so are we, of course, the great team at the venerated Road Rat – you can (should, really) subscribe or find some back issues here – were kind enough to dedicate a whole page to your brand. Better even, they -for those who did not know (though, would they really be reading the Bible …


Bring a Trailer runs a great scoop with Kobus’s “Baby Beast”

We have been admirating the way Bring a Trailer manages to engage with their fans and friends – aside, of course, from having developed and launched an auction product that not only created a brand-new market but has also gained so much steam since that one has to wonder if and when its stunning growth …

2 Nassau Silver Grey & Graphite

And just like that – 2 new Nassau colors!

We know this is almost like spoiling – really, we get it. You can choose from almost a dozen colors of your favorite shirt (we’re not kidding, go ahead and count them) and what do we then decide to do? Just add two more, that’s what! And why? That’s an easy one, because we can …

Touring Bag – Argentine Blue – 5

Did we tell you about our new Touring bag (yet)?

Yes, it looks somewhat similar to the previous versions of our touring bags,in navy blue and British racing green, of course it does – there are just so many great attributes to these handy bags, from their stylish looks (the leather corners and handle help) to their practical shape (just large enough for those pesky …

Monsieur Magazine – FEBMAR22 – DN

Monsieur Magazine (in France) features your brand – si Monsieur!

Everyone knows they do things better over there, an innate sense of style and a close connection to everything sexy (it is, after all, still caused a French kiss, isn’t it?) including the automobile. So it really comes as no surprise at all if the Monsieur, the monthly mag that covers everything sartorial (depuis 1920, …

Top Classico Cover v1

What a nice way to close yet another great year, thanks Top Classico!

We’re very fortunate again that Laura, from Top Classico, took notice of your brand during the last edition of the Vernasca Silver Flag (we’ve already told you about how great that was…). She, upon her return to base, decided to share the Suixtil story in details with her readers Italian and otherwise. And her story …

C&SC DEC21 – track

Lucky us – Classic & Sports Car (too) likes our new Track bag (as well)!

We’re pretty thick skinned, we have to be to resist all these years of travails. But that sure make a compliment all the more appreciated, of course. So when our friend Mick – yes, of course, THAT Mick, managed to steal some time away from his busy schedule (you know, at the wheel of this …

Benzina – AUG21

It’s time to add a little Benzina to your blood!

We are thrilled to have discovered, thanks to James Nicholls, our friend and Australian Ambassador, that adding a little Benzina to your diet – maybe just 4 times a year – at least to start with a subscription, or more often if you’re going with the slightly diluted content made available through their social media …

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