And in the US, MMR features our Raticosa in their gift guide!

The MMR newsletter is not your average weekly read. Informed, opinionated and literary -mixing operatic references with quotes from the Bard, certainly not your usual drivel – it is a lonely pleasure that enthusiasts wait for the whole week till, come Friday, their gift arrives in their inbox. We should also mention the gorgeous photography …


Wunderbar, states Auto Revue in Austria. We concur!

Reinhard, our Austrian distribution partner and friend  – who also owns Classics Unlimited – just secured some significant coverage about your brand in the latest issue of Auto Revue (the leading publication there, that targets the joy of motoring). The piece looks fairly comprehensive and makes use of such adjectives as the above cited “wunderbar”. …

C&SC DEC19 gift guide

The Classics & Sports Car gift guide features some cool ideas (including 2 from us….)

So the Classics & Sport Car Gift Guide for the year is out. Brightly penned by Marc McLaren (destiny?) it lists varied products that would please any discerning enthusiasts. And manages to name us not once but twice and we’re thrilled that one of our favorite magazine managed to remember us on such a momentous …

TGR 2019 Gift Guide

The Gentleman Racer’s Gift Guide includes a surprise…

In its short and sweet Gift Guide, the Gentleman Racer kindly includes our new French Blue Grand Prix gloves , commending their “timeless style and Suixtil’s legendary quality” – we’re obviously very proud, thank you very much and enjoy the holiday gifting season as well….

C&SC – DEC19 – Rati

The December edition of Classic & Sports Car covers our Raticosa too – just in time for Xmas….

Yes, yes, yes – just in time for Xmas, Classic & Sports Car comes out with a gorgeous edition that has a whole lot of great topics (that Italian Job special with the Miura on the cover – delicious, and that piece of the Talbot-Lago T26 Gran Sport, it’s all there, thank you again Mick….). …

Octane OCT19 Raticosa

Octane’s October edition is out – our Raticosa is in it too….

Yes, in the midst of all that great content (that piece on that ’49 166MM that won both Le Mans and the Mille Miglia, assorted by some glorious photography – that’s unique but there’s also so much more) the editorial team at Octane found the time to review our newly released Raticosa wool and cashmere …

C&SC – AUG19 – BRG Monaco

Classic & Sports Car does us a favor, reviews our new Monaco bomber jacket

A wonderful piece (again) in a latest (AUG 2019) edition of Classic & Sports Car that’s just laden with great stories: our British Racing Green Monaco bomber jacket draws lots of favorable comments and its details (from the suede trims to the checkered lining and more) garner powerful comparisons to the original worn by none …

Octane – JUN19 – JR HS

The latest Octane edition covers THAT Harry Schell picture

Life’s grand – the latest edition of Octane (do you subscribe already – you really should) salutes our efforts in reissuing some of the most iconic pictures of the golden period of motor racing (and, funny that, they also happen to be gorgeous Suixtil moments). They chose, for their review, one of our personal favorites …

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