Monthly Archives: March 2021

  • The Leaky Tap gets the grease – no, wait….

    And there you have it… mixed metaphors simply don’t work. And still, there is much to be said about the Leaky Tap – the Kraantje Lek, in Dutch. Yes, it is a restaurant – located nor very far from the Zandvoort track, where F1 racers used to meet-up for a good time (or three) before,  …

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  • And still in Sweden, still with Klassiker – it gets better….

    And that same issue of Klassiker – would you believe in, belying every old adage about “lightning never striking twice in the same place” – has revealed the readers choice for Classic of the Year contest. And the winner is – loooooooong drumroll, please – and yes, you guessed it – Harald, our Swedish Ambassador …

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  • And that’s how we Roll – in Sweden (thanks again, Klassiker!)

    And in a review that we cannot, unfortunately, understand, Klassiker – the Swedish go-to classic car mag, takes a look at the Suixtil Roll and appears complimentary, what else could we – truly – wish for – at life speed! Thanks again to Harald, our kind and dedicated Ambassador, for making it happen (and congratulations …

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  • Visit the Simeone Museum in Philadelphia – at life speed!

    Thanks to our friend Mariano (yes, he of the GVCC fame – how does he even manage Philadelphia in February with a Barcelona is testament to a thick hide…), February does not have to be just a sad affair any longer and you can finally take an in-depth tour of one of the premier collection …

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