Monthly Archives: June 2023

  • The Vernasca Silver Flag 2023 – Hillclimb to heaven!

        The story of the 27th edition of the Vernasca Silver Flag is really two stories – both very Suixtil as you’ll see. The first one starts with Alex, he of Suixtil Benelux, roping in some friends in the Netherlands to ride down to Piacenza, Italy, taking all the backroads, mountain passes and impossible …

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  • The Greenwich Concours works great!

    There’s something to be said about the Greenwich Concours, in fact, there are many things to be said for it. Since our friends from Hagerty have taken it over, it has really come into its own while, at the same time, keeping that “approachable” quality that makes it so enjoyable. Yes, you’ll certainly see some …

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  • The drum-brake series is back – Silverstone first!

    Oh yes, we just love it – our friends Pia and Tony (yes, they of the Historic Racing Repertoire fame) are back with the series – you know the one: the drum brake series. It harks back to a gentler time of sportsmen and impossible cars that bore more than a passing resemblance with those …

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