Monthly Archives: September 2021

  • The Vernasca Silver Flag – the closest to a Suixtil festival we’re going to get?

    September in Italy and things get busy. Alex, our partner from Suixtil Benelux, had decided to take the Nash to the Vernasca Silver Flag and share the spirit with the participants there. The reception he got there was a little beyond his wildest expectations, as you’ll notice from the gallery of photos he brought back. …

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  • A Labor (Day weekend) of love at Lime Rock

    So it was that the Labor Day at Lime Rock was a double (and some) feature this year: Mariano, our Suixtil USA distributor, was there with a superb and properly appointed stand. He also, these things cannot be helped, brought a race car (see the opening photo) along, because, you know. He had a great …

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  • It’s time to add a little Benzina to your blood!

    We are thrilled to have discovered, thanks to James Nicholls, our friend and Australian Ambassador, that adding a little Benzina to your diet – maybe just 4 times a year – at least to start with a subscription, or more often if you’re going with the slightly diluted content made available through their social media …

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