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  • Night at the (Fangio) Museum….

    What did you think happened when the open the doors of such a special place as the Fangio Museum in Balcarce to Mauricio, our dedicated artisan who is responsible for the elaboration and the craft of – among others – our helmets. Well, of course he will take one of our Rivadavia along and, bring …

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  • Our friends at Dandy Driver explore the origins of Suixtil

    In a long and detailed piece, our friends at Dandy Driver explore the origin of Suixtil and its connection to the early days of motor racing. They correctly associate your brand with the birth of sponsorship and (re)establish our lineage to many of the greatest racers of all time. Best of all? They also have …

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  • Our Rivadavia is featured in the latest Classic & Sports Car

    Thanks to our friend Mick – again – our newly launched Rivadavia helmet is featured in the JUN 20 edition of Classic & Sports Car. It is a splendid issue with a heartfelt tribute to Sir Stirling (Lord, we miss him) and features on a rare Lancia D23, a unique T57S, the Aston(s) Vantage and …

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  • The Amelia Island Concours – what a great show!

    We got lucky – it had been a while – since our doctor’s orders cleared us, but just for the Amelia Island Concours we had registered for. So we rushed over and, after a road trip without much surprise or hiccups, found ourselves at the top-Eastern corner of the panhandle state in time for the …

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  • Inter Classic Salon in Antwerp – another nicely put together exhibition

    We could not be in Belgium at the time of the Antwerp exhibition as we had been called somewhere else (more on that in a separate post) but were very lucky that Pierre Stubbe, the talented photographer who had so kindly provided us with images of the Masstricht event last month, was on call (surely …

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  • We love Paris in the Spring time – and you do too when it’s Retromobile

    And so it came to pass that for reasons beyond our control we had to give this edition of Retromobile a miss. It was, quite literally at that, heartbreaking. Then again, it did not have to mean that Suixtil wouldn’t be there. Quite fortunately, our partners and friends from Historic Driver – you must know …

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  • And in the US, MMR features our Raticosa in their gift guide!

    The MMR newsletter is not your average weekly read. Informed, opinionated and literary -mixing operatic references with quotes from the Bard, certainly not your usual drivel – it is a lonely pleasure that enthusiasts wait for the whole week till, come Friday, their gift arrives in their inbox. We should also mention the gorgeous photography …

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  • Wunderbar, states Auto Revue in Austria. We concur!

    Reinhard, our Austrian distribution partner and friend  – who also owns Classics Unlimited – just secured some significant coverage about your brand in the latest issue of Auto Revue (the leading publication there, that targets the joy of motoring). The piece looks fairly comprehensive and makes use of such adjectives as the above cited “wunderbar”. …

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  • Our Xmas gift to you? A look back at the Vernasca Silver Flag, an event that has it all (and lots of Suixtil moments too)

    We had to think long and hard about what we could bring to put under your Xmas tree – you, after all, already have it all… And then it came to us: we have not yet told you about one of the year’s best events – the Vernasca Silver Flag held in Piacenza (about half …

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  • The Classics & Sports Car gift guide features some cool ideas (including 2 from us….)

    So the Classics & Sport Car Gift Guide for the year is out. Brightly penned by Marc McLaren (destiny?) it lists varied products that would please any discerning enthusiasts. And manages to name us not once but twice and we’re thrilled that one of our favorite magazine managed to remember us on such a momentous …

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