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  • The Amelia Concours – back for more!

    It has been a while, unfortunately, we had not attended the Amelia (as it is now called since Hagerty took over) and seen for ourselves the changes – and the things that stayed the same. We were very lucky that we took part in the Concours alongside with Christopher John, our latest resell partner based …

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  • The Morgan Club de France receives a formal Suixtil introduction

    Right in time for Christmas too – you’d almost think – if you did not know us better, but you do – that these are sophisticated moves from some great masterminds, rather than the fumbling around of of an aging team of classic-car fanatics with a passion for keeping a story, and the spirit it …

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  • The latest edition of the Leaky Tap in the Netherlands – you had to be there….

    It was the sixth consecutive edition of the Leaky Tap – the direct translation of the Kraantje Lek -rally organized by our very own Alex (he of Suixtil Benelux) who rode with his glorious D-Type replica. Thanks to our dear friend Martin, we have both a comprehensive “race report” and spectacular photos for you to …

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  • Another, the 5th now, glorious edition of the leaky tap 😉

    Because things are different in the Netherlands, Alex (our Dutch distributor) is able to enlist aficionados in the middle of the winter. Whether it’s because they have known him for so long, thanks to the participation and support from Octane NL or because they all enjoy some masochistic traits somehow (to brave such a biting …

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  • The Leaky Tap gets the grease – no, wait….

    And there you have it… mixed metaphors simply don’t work. And still, there is much to be said about the Leaky Tap – the Kraantje Lek, in Dutch. Yes, it is a restaurant – located nor very far from the Zandvoort track, where F1 racers used to meet-up for a good time (or three) before,  …

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