The Belle Vue goggles – British Racing Green


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Faithfully recreated from historic models, the Belle Vue goggles are, once again, the epitome of the Suixtil credo as they impeccably combine historic relevance, luxurious materials, careful manufacturing, comfort and style.

These Belle Vue goggles have been handcrafted with pride in Argentina and are available in British Racing Green leather with German-silver accessories

The full-grain leather paddings that supports each of the metal frames (and shield the wearer) are fashioned from the finest and softest cow’s leather while a comfortable elastic strap, 30mm wide, links the frame of the goggles together.

The lenses are cut from clear acrylic (an updated version of Perspex) and are 2mm thick.

The Belle Vue goggles are delivered in a very soft  light-colored suede pouch that has been nicely branded with a stamped logo and their name. With wide slits on the back, the pouch can easily be tied to a strap or a bag so that the goggles can be conveniently kept at hand.

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