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  • Visit the Musee des 24 Heures in Le Mans during the Centenary celebration – we did it (for you, of course)!

    Because you know us by now – we’re nothing if not caring (and sharing too, sometimes…). In any case, just as well we were there for that grand occasion because the ACO (the owners of the Museum and organizers of events there) had put together quite a spectacular show… imagine this: First, you arrive and …

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  • A(nother) great day at the Museum

    Count us – and, by extension, you as well, lucky – we have just been able to take another trip to the great museum of the Automobile Club de L’Ouest – the custodian of the 24 hours of Le Mans. It was, as could be expected, a treat, with so many cars and moments encapsulated …

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  • The Amelia Island Concours – what a great show!

    We got lucky – it had been a while – since our doctor’s orders cleared us, but just for the Amelia Island Concours we had registered for. So we rushed over and, after a road trip without much surprise or hiccups, found ourselves at the top-Eastern corner of the panhandle state in time for the …

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