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  • The Vernasca Silver Flag 2023 – Hillclimb to heaven!

        The story of the 27th edition of the Vernasca Silver Flag is really two stories – both very Suixtil as you’ll see. The first one starts with Alex, he of Suixtil Benelux, roping in some friends in the Netherlands to ride down to Piacenza, Italy, taking all the backroads, mountain passes and impossible …

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  • What a nice way to close yet another great year, thanks Top Classico!

    We’re very fortunate again that Laura, from Top Classico, took notice of your brand during the last edition of the Vernasca Silver Flag (we’ve already told you about how great that was…). She, upon her return to base, decided to share the Suixtil story in details with her readers Italian and otherwise. And her story …

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  • The Vernasca Silver Flag – the closest to a Suixtil festival we’re going to get?

    September in Italy and things get busy. Alex, our partner from Suixtil Benelux, had decided to take the Nash to the Vernasca Silver Flag and share the spirit with the participants there. The reception he got there was a little beyond his wildest expectations, as you’ll notice from the gallery of photos he brought back. …

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