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  • The Leaky Tap gets the grease – no, wait….

    And there you have it… mixed metaphors simply don’t work. And still, there is much to be said about the Leaky Tap – the Kraantje Lek, in Dutch. Yes, it is a restaurant – located nor very far from the Zandvoort track, where F1 racers used to meet-up for a good time (or three) before,  …

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  • Back on track Down Under – thanks to James!

    And continuing with a well-established tradition of ours (aiming to exceed your expectations, always) we’re thrilled to bring you two (or more) great news at once. First of all, and this was more of a formality than anything else, we’re delighted and very proud to announce that James Nicholls has accepted to become our Ambassador …

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  • Meet the friends at the Greenwich Vintage Cars Club

    These days of constraints are tough – not sure how to go about things, events keep getting cancelled and, more generally, the atmosphere is heavy with contradictory informations and limits to what you can do and who you want to it with, really. Well, we just met a group of friends who have found an …

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  • Inter Classic Salon in Antwerp – another nicely put together exhibition

    We could not be in Belgium at the time of the Antwerp exhibition as we had been called somewhere else (more on that in a separate post) but were very lucky that Pierre Stubbe, the talented photographer who had so kindly provided us with images of the Masstricht event last month, was on call (surely …

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  • Guess what – the season now starts even earlier, thanks to Maastricht

    We had heard about Interclassics several times before (and some of our partners have even attended the event) but we never quite took the full measure of the event ’till we visited the Brussels show (organized by the same team) last year and had the privilege of receiving a full gallery of pictures from – …

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  • Our Xmas gift to you? A look back at the Vernasca Silver Flag, an event that has it all (and lots of Suixtil moments too)

    We had to think long and hard about what we could bring to put under your Xmas tree – you, after all, already have it all… And then it came to us: we have not yet told you about one of the year’s best events – the Vernasca Silver Flag held in Piacenza (about half …

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  • The Classics & Sports Car gift guide features some cool ideas (including 2 from us….)

    So the Classics & Sport Car Gift Guide for the year is out. Brightly penned by Marc McLaren (destiny?) it lists varied products that would please any discerning enthusiasts. And manages to name us not once but twice and we’re thrilled that one of our favorite magazine managed to remember us on such a momentous …

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  • Autoworld Brussels Zagato exhibition

    When you’re in Brussels, there is a detour you will want to make to Autoworld – the auto museum homed in a turn-of-the-century palace in a grand setting. There is almost always an exhibition running (we luckily caught the Zagato one that was about to finish) and while they are not very large they are …

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  • The Gentleman Racer’s Gift Guide includes a surprise…

    In its short and sweet Gift Guide, the Gentleman Racer kindly includes our new French Blue Grand Prix gloves , commending their “timeless style and Suixtil’s legendary quality” – we’re obviously very proud, thank you very much and enjoy the holiday gifting season as well….

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  • Glorious Nürburgring Classic

    Of course the track is  not what it once was, of course the spirit that animates those exhibition races is not quite the excitement that once presided over the proceedings being held here. And yet, if anything, the cars have grown more even beautiful with the passing years and their owners ever more determined to …

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