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  • BAM! Octane does us the honors (again)!

    And yes, the latest edition of Octane – the one with the “Holy Trinity” on the cover (no, it did not -as much as we wanted to, we would have even probably paid good money -well, $4 at least- for such a qualifier) refer to your favorite clothing brand but rather to some incredible feature …

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  • The German edition of Octane gives us their “Icon” section – we’re very proud!

    Congratulations to our Suixtil DE team that secured this great coverage for your brand. In a full page editorial, gloriously illustrated with two superb pictures of El Maestro himself, the magazine goes back on our storied past, from the very creation of the marque by Salomon Rudman to its disappearance and rebirth (Phoenix-like) a dozen …

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  • Octane’s October edition is out – our Raticosa is in it too….

    Yes, in the midst of all that great content (that piece on that ’49 166MM that won both Le Mans and the Mille Miglia, assorted by some glorious photography – that’s unique but there’s also so much more) the editorial team at Octane found the time to review our newly released Raticosa wool and cashmere …

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  • The latest Octane edition covers THAT Harry Schell picture

    Life’s grand – the latest edition of Octane (do you subscribe already – you really should) salutes our efforts in reissuing some of the most iconic pictures of the golden period of motor racing (and, funny that, they also happen to be gorgeous Suixtil moments). They chose, for their review, one of our personal favorites …

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  • The German edition of Octane reviews our GP gloves (and more)

    We have just been told that one of the recent German editions of Octane had some nice Suixtil moments in it and we had to check it out. First, it should be noted that (with or without us, but certainly more so with) it was one for the records… the breath of subjects covered, the …

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