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Ready to learn a new trick – how about the Suixtil Roll? Designed specifically with the aficionado in mind, the Suixtil Roll does not disappoint – a careful mix of full-grain leather of the best cuts, coupled with a heavy cotton canvas opens up to reveal a fully functional, well-appointed tool roll where one can put away those various implements that work best when not required. Also, the Suixtil Roll also comprises an inner pouch that allows for the additional storage of wrench extensions (one wonders why) as well as fuses and other assorted sundries that might get called for in an emergency. It is, of course, water and stain resistant and treated against most things that could be thrown at it and a few of the others as well.

The best strategic placement for the Suixtil Roll is, of course, the trunk of one’s car – but then again, being as beautiful and eye-catching as it is, one could be forgiven for letting it rest in the passenger footwell so as to be able to steal a quick glance at it when resting at a traffic light. Or to, surely, be complimented upon it when one’s passenger would necessarily notice it upon entering one’s vehicle.

It is handcrafted in Argentina

The Suixtil Roll retails for USD 275 (cool tools not included, but – surely – you’ve got yours by now) and measures 31cm (length) * 17cm (rolled width, 53cm unrolled) * 5cm (thickness), or, in inches, 12’* 7′ -or 21′ unrolled- * 2′ .

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