The Fox Helmet (you know why – or do you?)



The Fox is just so many things more than a mere tribute. It really is a reference, as a matter of fact, several references all at once. To Piero, of course, who was also nicknamed after the cunning aninal – though more because his mane of prematurely white hair and his ability to race anything with wheels than for any display of ruse. He was indeed yet another giant of the sport and, singularly, one of the few who lived to tell (some of) the tales. He too sported a silvery helmet like our Fox, though that’s the only silver he ever chased, as he was clearly, as they all were, after the gold instead. But we also called this model the Fox as a reflection of the beauty of the racecars of the times, many in bare metal to save the weight, almost nakedely covering brutal engines, that would be gracing the tracks of the ’50s and ’60s and were, dare we say it in this day and age, quite foxy to look at and lust after.

Ah, it was really a time of elegance and sportsmanship and speed – a Suixtil time to be inspired by (look, for example, at the shots we managed with that D50 and tell us you don’t agree) and now gave us the Fox. As with all our beautiful creations, the Fox is lovingly handcrafted in Argentina,

The helmet shell is built from a base molded from resin  and fibers while its inside is lined with natural cork  of 3 mm (0.11 in) thickness.  All straps are crafted from the finest real cow leather while the padding and covers are stitched from 100% cotton.

This stuning piece is sure to attract a lot of attention with its gorgeous shine and is crafted to the highest standard.  It arrives nicely packed in a linen bag that you can use whenever taking the helmet to a track day or an event. The Fox is perfectly suited for the affixing of a Guard visor, in case you prefer that to some cool looking goggles.

The Fox comes in 3 sizes (thanks to an easy to install foam adjustment ring) that accommodates head sizes from 56 to 64 cm (22 to 25.5′) and is delivered by courier within 7 days of its order.


Important note

This equipment is a piece of memorabilia. It is NOT safety-rated to today’s standards and, as such, should never be used in the practice of competitive motorsports or any other dangerous sport or game, whether alternate specific equipment is recommended or not. We do not accept any responsibility, including consequential, for any incident or accident, injury or death that may arise from the improper use of this equipment.


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