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  • The Sebring dispatch

    February, Florida – you know what’s coming, don’t you? It’s Sebring, of course – a race that has lots of meaning for us, given that – back in the year – all our heroes competed there and fought clean battles over the incredible tough course of this old military airport. It’d be interesting to check …

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  • Out racing at the Glen

    September also saw the return of the Bee – we, of course, mean Honey Bee – the MGA with a sting – driven by none other than mad-Dave who, again, had it in his mind to operate in both Group 1 and 8 (with Nazdar) at (almost) the same time. Not ubiquity, but certainly as …

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  • Labor Day at Lime Rock (and at life speed!)

    Fine traditions, that’s what we’re all about – along with a few other values. It was therefore quite a unique pleasure that Mariano, yes, he of Suixtil USA, was able (again) to both setup the Suixtil tent for friends and aficionado alike to come and trade stories, and get some track time too. In keeping …

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  • Hard racing and great fun at VIR

    It could be wondered why we would make space for photos of Dave, our friend and US Ambassador, having a good time racing Nazdar (his trusted, but at times capricious, 2002) at VIR, all of 80 years young, hooking up with an old friend and jumping in his ride for a stint at an Enduro …

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  • BAM! Our Dave does Sebring (again)….

    We bet you know the infectious song, the one that goes “Oh yes, it’s good to be the king” –  well, figure that our Dave, 6-time SVRA champ and BARC Boys founding member (and Suixtil Ambassador for more years than we care to remember) knows a thing or two about the feeling. This must be …

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