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  • The ’23 Grand Prix de Baquets – another extraordinary adventure, at life speed!

    This Grand Prix is a timely reminder of the motoring adventures that put Argentina at the very forefront of racing in the first part of the 20th century. The Turismo Carretera of yesteryear, where your brand made its first foray in motorsports and in people’s consciousness, were the very expression of the human soul at …

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  • Route 40 (the longest in South America) – Part 2

    If you follow us regularly, you know that our friend willy (the very Dandy Driver) has started a daring expedition down one of the longest roads in the world – otherwise, you can find all about the first stage here and, once you’re good and ready, join us here, now that he is back (and …

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  • Ruta 40 in Argentina – hop on the road less traveled (part I)

    Preamble: what follows is a first-hand account from our friend Willy – most of you will know him as Dandy Driver  – (and, frankly, if you do not know Willy as yet, it’s high-time you discover him) latest road-trip…. enjoy it as much as we did, especially as it is so reminiscent of the TC …

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  • The latest edition of the Leaky Tap in the Netherlands – you had to be there….

    It was the sixth consecutive edition of the Leaky Tap – the direct translation of the Kraantje Lek -rally organized by our very own Alex (he of Suixtil Benelux) who rode with his glorious D-Type replica. Thanks to our dear friend Martin, we have both a comprehensive “race report” and spectacular photos for you to …

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  • The Gran Premio de Baquets – an Argentine experience….

    This one is for those of you who have seen and done it all – it is an exhausting rally that’s reminiscent of the very first crazy cross-continent races held between 4 or 5 countries back in the mid ’30s and ’40s when a devil-may-care attitude (and a Suixtil sponsorship) was the only thing carrying …

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  • Another, the 5th now, glorious edition of the leaky tap 😉

    Because things are different in the Netherlands, Alex (our Dutch distributor) is able to enlist aficionados in the middle of the winter. Whether it’s because they have known him for so long, thanks to the participation and support from Octane NL or because they all enjoy some masochistic traits somehow (to brave such a biting …

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