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  • The Carrera Paneuropeana – more Porsche fun in the sun

    What’s the Paneuropenana? A rally of sort created by our friend Alex for Porsche (especially 911s and their sisters) lovers. This year’s edition started in the southern part of the Netherlands,  heading to Spa in Belgium  before going to Hornbach and Zweibrucken in Germany. The object is also to avoid highways at all costs to, …

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  • The Classic Racing School – a fun day at the Charade track

    We were stunned when our new partners at the Classic Racing School send us pictures of their latest track-day: not only did the shots exude atmosphere (not necessarily the hardest thing when you are racing Crossle 90F around at Charade – what a name-  a track Sir Stirling himself called one of the hardest in …

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  • Goodwood 76 Members’ Meeting

    Defying a take-no-prisoner weather to celebrate the golden age of motor sport and honor the life of Henry Hope Frost (of #Fever fame), participants and spectators alike were exposed to conditions rarely seen in that season. But they both endured and contributed to a second-to-none show (again) and the perfect demonstration that vintage racers are, …

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  • Techno Classica Essen

    A party, no doubt, as Techno  was celebrating its 30th anniversary. A time in which the show has built its presence to the largest of its kind in Europe. It still is very much a “pele-mele” to us and we regret that the organizers (taken over by the success of their venture, no doubt) do …

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  • this is post

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  • Escuderia Suixtil

    All the best cars, then and now, thanks to YOU! Shortly after your brand was relaunched, and as it was struggling to gain visibility, friends offered to help by using some decals they would place on their magnificent machines  for added exposure. This seemed highly appropriate, considering that, back in Argentina,  Suixtil had been among the …

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  • Retromobile

    – including some with an incredible racing pedigree – like that one from the Rodriguez brothers a Ferrari 166 with proper patina at our friend Egon’s stand – true beauty a stylish way to go home at the end of the party… An Abarth gatering the like of which you’ve probably never seen before… (1) [...] More  →
  • Maus Gatsonides Krantje Lek Revival

    A speed goddess (c)MPhilippo All hail the organizer… But not that one… (c)MPhilippo Define well-lived (c)RMoree Drive it like it’s 2002 (c)MPhilippo Figureheads of the sort we like (c)MPhilippo (1) Figureheads of the sort we like (c)MPhilippo (2) Get together – right now (c)MPhilippo (1) Get together – right now (c)MPhilippo (2) Get together – [...] More  →
  • La Festa Mille Miglia, Japan

    L1030066_001 L1030092 L1030096 L1030111 L1030119_001 L1030121 L1030123 L1030137 L1030138 L1030143 L1030170_001 L1030172 L1030176 L1030191 L1030196 L1030201 L1030204 L1030207 L1030208 L1030227 L1030231_001 L1030244 L1030248 L1030253 L1030256 L1030262 L1030269 L1030270 L1030279 L1030316 L1030318 L1030320 More  →
  • The Goodwood Festival of Speed, England

    CIMG1096 GW09 Mercedes W196-Suixtil-2 GW09-Auto Union Type A-2 GW09-Button-Mercedes W25 GW09-De Tomaso Tipo 505-2 GW09-Doug Nye -Vanwall GW09-Goodwood House_001 GW09-James Martin at Suixtil GW09-James Martin at Suixtil-2 GW09-Jochen Mass-Mercedes W125 GW09-Koster-Maserati 250F GW09-Lady Moss with Suixtil Team GW09-Mercedes W196_W165 GW09-Mercedes GW09-Mercedes-2 GW09-Red Arrows GW09-Rob Hall- De Tomaso Tipo 505 GW09-Sir Moss at Suixtil_001 GW09-Sir Moss [...] More  →
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