Silver Dreams (chromed)



The Silver Dreams helmet is a two-pronged testament: first, to the cars of the period, designed and crafted while forever chasing lightness to the point of eschewing the paint altogether. The second, someway, is in showing, through the use of the original shape of the Rivadavia, transcended by its luscious chrome coating, the very art of both form and function of that very original model – a straight descendant of the polo helmets of yore. The result: as the dreamy photos reveal, the Silver Dream looks almost like an oeuvre from Magritte (if you were sporting it under a cloudy sky) of an ethereal, if not surreal, beauty and will, for sure, initiate many reflections (pun intended – of course 😉)…

It should be noted that, bearing in mind we’re not (quite) in the Model T period, YOU will have some heavy decisions to make when choosing your Silver Dreams helmet, as you’ll need to customize both the leather color (initial choices include red, as shown, black or brown) – it remains crafted from the same buttery-soft cow’s hide – and the flag  shown. You can see some of the options we have developed for you – in the shield form here – but also have them in rectangular fashion, as shown with the Union Jack used for the model. So many options, so many choices, but then again, that has never scared you before…

The helmet shell is built from a base molded from resin  and fibers while its inside is lined with natural cork  of 3 mm (0.11 in) thickness.  All straps are crafted from the finest real full-grain cow leather while the padding and covers are stitched from 100% cotton.  It should be noted that the leather visor of this model is not suitable to affix the Guard. We therefore recommend the use of our BelleVue goggles, or, alternatively, our BelleVue 50s, also perfectly adjusted to the model and of the utmost comfort.

This beautiful piece is sure to attract a lot of attention with its gorgeous patina and is crafted to the highest standard.  It arrives nicely packed in a linen bag that you can use whenever taking the helmet to a track day or an event.

The Silver Dreams comes in 3 sizes (thanks to an easy to install foam adjustment ring) that accommodates head sizes from 56 to 64 cm (22 to 25.5′) and is delivered by courier within 7 days of its order.


Important note

This equipment is a piece of memorabilia. It is NOT safety-rated to today’s standards and, as such, should never be used in the practice of competitive motorsports or any other dangerous sport or game, whether alternate specific equipment is recommended or not. We do not accept any responsibility, including consequential, for any incident or accident, injury or death that may arise from the improper use of this equipment.



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