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  • Klassiker, in Sweden, explores your Suixtil universe

    We’re very proud that, tanks to the help of our friend Harald (leader of the SAAB chapter of your Swedish Escuderia), your brand was featured with quite some details in the latest edition of Klassiker (a leading swedish magazine that also had some interesting features about a Volvo barn find and a SAAB buyers’ guide). …

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  • Our Rivadavia is featured in the latest Classic & Sports Car

    Thanks to our friend Mick – again – our newly launched Rivadavia helmet is featured in the JUN 20 edition of Classic & Sports Car. It is a splendid issue with a heartfelt tribute to Sir Stirling (Lord, we miss him) and features on a rare Lancia D23, a unique T57S, the Aston(s) Vantage and …

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  • The Classics & Sports Car gift guide features some cool ideas (including 2 from us….)

    So the Classics & Sport Car Gift Guide for the year is out. Brightly penned by Marc McLaren (destiny?) it lists varied products that would please any discerning enthusiasts. And manages to name us not once but twice and we’re thrilled that one of our favorite magazine managed to remember us on such a momentous …

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